Rupert's colour report

Living Room

Walls & ceiling

Fresh Peach

Fresh Peach is nurturing and comforting with a cool undertone to keep it uplifting and fun. Use on walls and ceiling to create an exciting architectural impact as well as an immersive colour experience! Our Matt finish is ideal for interior walls and is super durable too.

Feature wall

Electric Blue

Our best seller, Electric Blue is a stunningly vibrant colour with an almost velvet appearance once dry. Use on the wall behind the sofa for an eye catching and truly spectacular impact that will contrast perfectly with Fresh Peach on adjacent walls.

Window recess

Electric Mint Green

Electric Mint Green is a cheerful spearmint green with a touch of neon, making this a green that really packs a punch. Adding a vibrant mint just in the window recess will create a pop of unexpected colour that combines with Electric Blue and Fresh Peach like a dream. Marrakech eat your heart out!



Fresh Lilac

Fresh Lilac is amongst our bestsellers and for very good reason. It's an openminded colour associated with tranquility and refreshment and it's cooler, paler tone of lilac means it will sit harmoniously in your bathroom space. The perfect addition to create a unique impact that will cheer you up every time you enter. Magic!


Fresh Lilac

Colour drench this uplifting colour on all paintable surfaces for maximum impact and a fully immersive experience. You'll not regret it! Use our Eggshell finish on all surfaces for extra durability and wipe-ability.

Living Room

Area Colour Cost
Walls & ceiling: Fresh Peach matt emulsion paint - 6 Litres £120.00
Feature wall: Electric Blue matt emulsion paint - 2 Litres pre-order £66.00
Window recess: Electric Mint Green matt emulsion paint - 1 Litre pre-order £28.00


Area Colour Cost
Walls: Fresh Lilac eggshell paint - 3 Litres £100.00
Ceiling: Fresh Lilac eggshell paint - 2 Litres £70.00